Dezember 18, 2018

Did you know?

  • The average waiting time for a taxi ride is 12,3 minutes
  • 72 % of all taxi rides only cover a distance of 1-5 km 
  • The average fair for a taxi ride in Berlin is 15,30 Euros
  • 81 % of all taxi rides only have one passenger
  • Taxis are 50 % slower than e-bikes in rush-hour
  • Alternatives to Taxis and Ride hailing services


    Stage one of large scale personal vehicle rental was putting cheap and robust bicycles on public space. 


    Stage two of large scale personal vehicle rental was putting expensive and fragile electric scooters on public space that need to be recharged once a day.


      A fully automated, station based and traffic optimised micro-mobility (e-bike and e-scooter) rental system created by Urban Drivestyle.

      Why.Taxi has the potential to disrupt the taxi and bike/scooter share industry as we know it today, bringing instant electric mobility to where people work, stay and live!

      User benefits of Why.Taxi 

      75 % of all taxi rides can be replaced by smart micro electric vehicles, while offering distinctive benefits to the user. 

      We bring instant electric mobility to where people work, live and relax!

      • Ride faster: No waiting time and shorter trip time by electric bike or scooter
      • Ride cheaper: Get to your destination at only 1/3 of the cost for a taxi
      • Ride cleaner: Clean and dry electric vehicles,fully charged
      • Ride smarter:  Get free destination infos and trip recommendations

      Why.Taxi Mobility Partners

      Why.Taxi is operated from private or government premises of selected  Mobility Partners, such as:
      • Hotels & Hostels
      • Co-Living & Co Working Spaces
      • Office Compounds & Large Companies
      • Campuses & Industrial parks
      • Shopping malls & Cultural hubs
      • Public transportation and bus companies

      Our mobility partners simply provide property to set up Why.Taxi stations and receive a 15 % revenue share on rental revenues. 

        The Why.Taxi business model

        Our business model is straight forward and simple: We rent out vehicles for money, we capitalise the advertising surface of our stations and we offer very unique and relevant data analysis and snow prints to interested parties.

        Rental revenues 

        We charge a 1 Euro unlock fee, a 1 Euro per hour rate and 1 Euro per km.Simple, transparent and you pay when you return your vehicle. 

        On-Station targeted advertising

        Why.Taxi stations offer some of the best spots for targeted advertising on the stations via print and/ or smart LED screens that can even connect to the users app. Monthly station revenues are conservatively calculated between 1000-2000 Euros per month.

        Custom Data-Backend with Snow-Print Analytics

        We are able to provide very detailed and valuable information about the movement profiles of hotel guests, employees or visitors, creating a anonymous "snow-print" profile allowing to offer route suggestions, see where the favourite restaurants are and how mobility can be improved for a specific location or a whole city.

        We will charge Mobility Partners a flat subscription fee for a custom data backend.

        The potential of Why.Taxi:

        Let's just take our headquarter Berlin as an example.

        Berlin offers :

        • 350 Hotels
        • 25 large shopping centres/ points of interest
        • 300 companies/ corporate offices
        • 200 apartment complexes
        • 50 Hostals
        • 10 large Coworking Spaces
        • 10 Co-Living Spaces
        • 20 creative hubs,
        • 15 Large industrial compounds (Gewerbeparks)

        In addition to that, we will provide non-partner stations in rented premises to offer one-way returns and cover hotspots where coverage can not be provided otherwise.

        Also, public-private partnerships with public transport are a strong future outlook.

        All those locations are selected to offer a potential of minimum 10 vehicle units, at a later stage, more and smaller units can be added to reach an even better coverage. And this just in one city! 

        The revenue potential of Why.Taxi: 

        With a realistic short-term potential of around 500 stations (5.000 vehicles) only in Berlin Why.Taxi is able to offer a dense and working coverage with an average of 10 Euros/per day/ per vehicle (two trips or one day booking)

        To compensate for weather events and winter, we work with a 70 % assumption.

        Berlin alone represents a market volume of over 24 million Euro total revenue annually with our system.

        Scaling into the 10 most mobility-minded capitals of Europe, Asia and the US, the outlook quickly reaches a 250 million p.a scope with a super standardised and highly scalable concept.

        The right company to change the landscape of micro mobility:

        Urban Drivestyle is fast growing, Berlin based e-mobility start-up with offices in Berlin, Switzerland, Spain and Taiwan.

        • A Winning Team ready to scale: IT, IOT, vehicle hardware and design in house, 
        • Proven and stable 7-digit revenues already coming from bike production, development and design
        • Solid experience with global markets and sales
        • Considerable experience in bike share and rental operations
        • In-House App design and hardware design
        • Based in Berlin, USA, Taiwan and Spain

        Why.Taxi is ready for roll-out

        • UNI Micro, our unique electric folding share bike is in production
        • Electrical hardware (tracking, data transfer and vehicle control unit) is ready for mass production
        • Working App and data platform is ready 
        • Station technology is ready for production
        • We already have aquired mayor partners for beta rollout in Germany and Spain

        How much does it take to get Why.Taxi rolling

        In 2019, we plan to roll out in at least 4 high-traffic locations in Europe: Berlin, Munich, Mallorca and Barcelona*.

        For a rapid roll out, we are looking for a 20 M Series A invest:

        • 7 Million will be invested in rental assets (bikes/ scooters and share boxes)
        • 3 Million will be invested in assembly/ logistics and distribution/ warehouse infrastructure in Taiwan, Germany and USA. 
        • 2 Million for design/ copyright/ licensing
        • 2 Million will be invested in further Front/ Backend App development, graph based data analytics and custom backends
        • 2 Million will be invested in marketing/ sales/ partner acquisition in 10 mayor cities (Europe/ Asia /US) for 2020
        • 2 Million will be invested in service/ office infrastructure and assembly units in operative cities and regions
        • 1 Million will be invested in improving vehicle and locker design and concept 
        • 1 Million in corporate/ legal/ tax and certification advisory

         *Roll-Out Markets:

        Berlin: Why.Taxi is headquartered in Berlin and we already have great partners there, especially in the co-working and creative hub segment!

        Mallorca: UD was founded 2016 on Mallorca as the first electric bike rental and share operator. Mallorca is the Number one touristic destination and we have great access to hotels and cruise operators on the island.

        Barcelona: Barcelona offers the best of all worlds! Business, start-ups and tourism with a 300 day riding season!

        Munich: We already have 40 hotel partners in Munich and the bike infrastructure is great!