About Why.Taxi

Why.Taxi GmbH  is a spin-off e-mobility start-up created by the team of Urban Drivestyle GmbH,  manufacturer of smart and connected e-bikes and scooters based in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca.

Why.Taxi’s goal is to support the development of vibrant inner cities, free of cars and pollution. To achieve this, we aim to make short-distance trips much more enjoyable by offering light vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters and even cargo/ delivery bikes, available to anyone and everywhere in cities.

Designed for sharing

We want to build products like no other. Built to last and designed for sharing and for safety. For our first e-bikes, we designed a special semi-folding micro electric bike offering all the comfort and safety of a modern bicycle with less than 1/4 of the space required when parked in their stations.

All our vehicles are designed in-house by our team of e-bike enthusiasts and mobility lovers!

Local by locals

So far, the micro-mobility sharing industry has been led by non-European players (ofo, Mobike, Lime, Bird, Uber). We believe urban landscape in Europe is quite different and that there is room for a European player to do a better job at this than the others. We understand how cities work, how the lifestyle here is different.

Our teams — locally hired in each city — will closely partner with the municipalities to build best operating model for the long run.

Our values

Our team values are important to us. They are what unite us and serve as a moral compass for us.

First, we are « environmental conscious ». We care about the environment. We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We want to repair our vehicles to make them last as long as possible. We are highly conscious about the impact of our operations for users and cities. And we aim therefore to make our vehicles as safe as possible, and our operations as seamless as possible in collaboration with municipalities. We won’t rely on the “gig economy” to operate our vehicles as many of our competitors do. Our own teams of professionals hired in each city will operate the vehicles to ensure we maintain our vehicles to the highest level of safety.

Second, we are « transparent ». Both internally (with the team) and externally (with cities and our users), we communicate in full transparency. We share anonymized data with cities. We are transparent about our maintenance program. We collaborate with municipalities, from day one, to find best solutions to give space to the new forms of green mobility.

Third, we « get things done ». We are a startup. We are focused on execution. We move fast. We learn by doing. We iterate fast to adapt to users and cities. With this speed and obsession to execute properly, we will deliver a product truly unique and enjoyable for all users.

Finally, we are a « family ». A European family with 11 different nationalities. We’re together for the good times and for the tough times. Sometimes, we are vulnerable and we stick together in order to stay strong and keep pushing. This solidarity powers all of us.

These company values will drive the business in a way that is both beneficial for our team and for cities.

Our first pilots will launch in early 2019 in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona and on Mallorca!

Let’s ride!