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Highly-Targeted and Affordable!

Why.Taxi offers electric mobility sharing directly from hotels, co-working and co-living spaces and large cooperate / office buildings, providing fast and easy access to sustainable short-trip transportation.

Why.Taxi electric bike sharing system

We offer:

  • 2000 + LCD screens at top level locations on stations
  • In-App sponsored recommendations and ads
  • On-Bike sponsoring and QR coding
  • On-Station Co-Branding

On-Station Video Ads

Multimedia/ Video ads (10-30 Seconds) can be booked on individual stations, city networks or targeted to specific partners within our network. Each ad block runs between 100-300 times per day.


In-App advertising and sponsored trip information

We offer several in-app advertising solutions, starting from localised co-sponsoring to sponsored trip recommendations and destination tips to our riders!

On-Vehicle Advertising

We offer 1 and 2 panel advertising on our vehicles, bringing your brand and message out to the streets, supporting your green and sustainable image as a corporation or company!


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