How it all works and FAQ

How to rent a WHY.TAXI E-Bike or Scooter

Why.Taxi stations are usually based at high traffic locations such as hotels, city parkings,  transport hubs, large office buildings, universities and others.

To find a station near you, simply download our app to see stations and available vehicles!

No, our electric bikes are so called Pedal Assist Bicycles, so no drivers licence or minimum age is required.

Helmets are not mandatory, but we recommend frequent users to get a FREE why-taxi helmet (see Shop).

We charge 1 Euro to unlock and 1 Euro per hour (1.6 Cents/ Minute) with a 16 Euro cap per day. 

So you can even rent our bikes for more days and keep them over night!

Why.Taxi rental stations minimise our effort for charging, repositioning and servicing our vehicles and we pass those saving over to our riders. 

Yes, you can take your Why.Taxi e-bike home or to your hotel room if you want to keep it for a few days. Maximum daily charge on time is 16 Euros per day!

Yes, you can return your Why.Taxi e-bike at other stations for only 1 Euro extra!  

Flexible return stations are marked on your Apps Navigation menue

How to Become a Why.Taxi Mobility Partner

Every company, institution, hospitality service or corporation can apply for a Why.Taxi station. We offer tailored solutions from AirBNB type apartments all the way up to full blown corporate mobility stations!

Nothing! Our partners only need to provide the property to install a WT station on their premises.

Otherwise, the service is 100 % free.

No, we entirely take care of service, fleet and operations of your WT station. 

We finance our service through rental fees, on-station advertisement and geo-analytics for our partners.

Advertise on Why.Taxi stations and vehicles

Why.Taxi offers the latest of targeted multimedia/ video advertising on infotainment screens.

In addition to that, we offer in-app sponsored recommendations as well as sponsored tours and trips.

Every vehicle can be co-sponsored with printed labels on the side of the vehicle.

Contact us for a quotation and more informatiuon!

Why.Taxi stations are installed at high-traffic, high value locations such as hotel lobbies, co-working spaces and large office buildings. 

We work with a very valid pre-targeting and are able to offer clear conversion signals based on geoanalysis and trip data!